Hello, Stranger!
Hello, Stranger!
Taking meeting people back to basics.




The Beginning...

Hello, Stranger! was born out of utter frustration at the modern dating game. I was sick to death of swiping left and right for hours on end to not much gain. Tinder and Bumble had become a full time job and there didn't seem to be much hope of meeting anyone outside of the app world. My sister kept telling me that team sports were the way to meet someone, my best friend's mum kept telling us that in her day, she'd thrown dinner parties to meet people, and the thought of meeting someone in a bar seemed like a distant memory. Things were looking pretty dire. 

The Middle...

The words "speed dating" were thrown around over drinks with friends, but we all agreed that the concept felt a bit forced, there was too much pressure. All we wanted was the best of all worlds - the knowledge of knowing that the people around you were unattached (goodbye awkward moments at the bar), the ease of an activity or event in common, and the comfort of a friendly atmosphere, all rolled into one easy package. Enter Hello, Stranger! 

The Future...

We run events for young singles, aged 25-35, and provide the opportunity to meet new people without the pressure of a dating app, or a blind date, or speed dating...maybe we just don't like the word dating.